talk at Leipzig's Haskell conference HaL-10

As I said before: I will hold a small talk about dogelang at Leipzig's next Haskell conference HaL-10.

Here's a translation of the abstract (original in German):

dg - The better Haskell is named Python

Who needs typeclasses? Or static type system even? Why have side-effects to be so complicated? And what are monads?

There must be something better!

dg is Python with Haskell syntax. In a short talk (15 minutes) I want to introduce, on a funny note, the "better Haskell".

Under the slogan "what we don't have, you won't need" we will be looking at features of the Haskell language and their counterparts in dg. To conclude, we will take a look at how intelligent a Python program can look, if it has the proper syntax.

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