Podcast Time Machine

Recently one of my favourite podcasts ended after seven years. I have only been listening to this podcast for two years though. There is five year backlog for me to listen to. But there are many other podcasts I want to listen to and I do like the anticipation of waiting for a new episode.

So I built the Podcast Time Machine (github) where you can enter a podcast url and a delay and you will get a new link where every podcast episode is delayed by that many days and all episodes that would lie in the future are filtered out. So stuff happpening a week in podcast time are happpening in a week of real time.

I am looking forward to my first episode of harmontown, when it comes out after a seven-year delay. Feel free to subscribe to your own delayed podcasts. I do not keep access logs so listen to your favorite stuff again (and again).

There is code linked to this article. Get it here!

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