1. Upgrading Fedora 22 to 23

    Fedora 23 was released a few days ago.

    I've upgraded one of my machines. The others are soon to follow. I have yet to hit a problem with Fedora 23.

    If you're running Fedora 22 you can easily upgrade to Fedora 23 running the following console commands. But before that, make sure your system is fully upgraded and rebooted, especially if you installed some kernel updates.

    sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
    sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=23 --best

    The --best argument makes sure if there are any transaction problems, the installation will not continue. I've had to remove some old gstreamer-plugins that are sure to come back with a new installation of fedy.

    Once all the downloads are done, type sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot to reboot your system starting the actual upgrading process.

  2. Published: Wed 04 November 2015

    technically, Hello Internet

    This is my new blog housing all the technical computer-science and programming stuff that doesn't fit nicely within my wordpress installation. I will also post links and the usual "to-remind-me" stuff.

    This page will be in English where applicable.

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