1. dogelang adding pattern matching

    If you haven't read about dogelang, you really should. It is python with haskell-syntax where you can use all python modules. So basically coffee-script but for a language that is already useful. And python bytecode is emitted instead of first compiling to python itself, but that just as a side-node.

    On my behest, the developer of dg added pattern matching so that in an if-condition a tuple-unpacking-expression does not raise an exception if the unpacking fails but returns false.

    Therefore one can now implement their own zip and list-constructor in the following manner:

    zip = x' y' -> if
      ([x, *xs], [y, *ys] = x', y') =>
        yield (x, y)
        yield from $ zip xs ys
      otherwise => yield from ()
    list = x' -> if
      ([] = x') => []
      ([x, *xs] = x') => [x] + list xs

    This looks almost like haskell's case-pattern-matching but not quite, so it is sure to annoy every haskell-programmer.

    You might need to execute python3 -m dg -b once after installing/updating dg to rebuild the interpreter/compiler-bundle with this feature.

    In other news: It is quite likely that I will hold a small talk about dogelang at Leipzig's next Haskell conference HaL-10.

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